Board & Train

A convenient option for clients who need help getting their dog started in training of basic obedience and for dogs needing retraining, or redirection. Board & Train can be accomplished while you are on vacation. We train with sensible effective methods to help your pet learn how to learn and achieve harmony and balance. At completion of training, you will receive an extended private lesson to review your pet’s education and train you to continue with the training.


Service includes:

Daily training

Boarding & playtime

Extended private lesson

Board and Train is not for everyone. Nor should it be considered as an add-on to boarding while vacationing.

To take advantage of this service, your dog must be comfortable with a boarding environment and receptive to bonding with a trainer while away from you. For best results, private lessons taken after the dog’s stay are also suggested.

The process for your dog to make the mental adjustments to change behavior takes time. We require a minimum of two weeks in the Board and Train program, but this short time only gets them pointed in the right direction and begins the habit forming behaviors. With participation in our Extended Private lesson, you will gain a better understanding of your canine friend and how to continue the training process in your own home.



Board and Train by prior arrangement only!

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