cat vacations

Our feline friend's always enjoy their stay in our Catnip Cottage - a special vacation area built with your feline's safety and security in mind. Secluded from our Dog vacation area, your cat will enjoy their own spacious kitty condo with peaceful music, tall towers to climb, and a digital fish tank to watch! 


featuring individual, spacious kitty condos with cozy resting benches, comfy bedding and personal litter pans! 



per cat per night




amentities include: 

  • Bedding. Cozy bedding provided , and extra available on request.

  • Maid Service. The entire facility, including your kitty’s living quarters, is cleaned and maintained daily.

  • Cat Quarters Service. Special diets are welcome, or choose from our selection of dry and canned food options.

  • Medication Administration. We accommodate most medication instruction requests at no additional cost.

  • Soft Music. A relaxing environment 24/7.

  • Knowledgeable Staff. Attendants are trained in animal handling techniques, and how to monitor eating, elimination, and changes in behavior.

  • Designated Space. All of our Kitty Guests stay away from our Dog Guests, in a quiet, reserved area.