benefits of doggie daycare

One of the benefits of utilizing our doggie daycare is exercise. Our daycare offers the opportunity for your dogs to keep their minds and bodies active. When dogs play, they are challenged in a pack environment and mentally stimulated by our trained staff and tend to be happier, healthier and more obedient pups.

Regular visits to doggie daycare can reduce the probability of dogs being bored at home. Boredom can lead to excessive barking, chewing, digging and other destructive behaviors. When your dog is staying in our kennel, doggie daycare can help them be calmer and tire them out so they can sleep well at night.

While visiting our doggie daycare your dog will be well cared for at all times. Your pup will be safe and provided with the proper amount of stimulation and interaction to suit your pup’s needs. When you and your dog become part of the Bed & Biscuit family they get a high level of comfort while in our care and our staff goes above and beyond to ensure that he/she has the best possible visit with us.

Each dog has a different personality and also different needs. Some dogs might be so well-adapted to many situations that they can come into our doggie daycare once a month and get along great within our group setting. Other dogs benefit from regular visits to our daycare (daily) and respond better to our daycare handlers because of the consistency

Our modern facility offers ample space for our boarding facility and also our doggie daycare. We have both indoor and outdoor daycare areas allowing us to place dogs in appropriate groups based on their play style, temperament and energy level.

We cannot stress enough the benefit of socialization for your dog in a group setting with other canines. One thing about socialization is that it can be easier for your dog to forget the “dog language” as easily as it is to learn. Being a consistent visitor to our doggie daycare can help ensure that your dog will act and react properly to other dogs in any environment.

Dogs are very social animals by nature and enjoy the company of other dogs.  It is a wonderful feeling to bring your dog along on walks and not have to worry about your pup’s reactions toward other dogs along the way. Many dogs that regularly attend our doggie daycare are happy to meet new dogs and people.

The national interest in doggie daycare is growing every year, and for good reason. The days of tying up Fido to a run in the back yard all day while we go to work are pretty much in the past. The more we understand about our beloved canine pets, the harder it becomes to leave them home alone for extended periods of time.