Where are you located?

Best Friends Bed & Biscuit is located on Spencer-Dixon Road between Highway 150 and North Church Street - down the street from Northern Middle and Northern High School. Our sister kennel, Country Kennel, is located at 7630 Royster Road - right off of Hwy. 150 between Summerfield and Browns Summit.

Do I need a reservation?

Yes, reservations are required. A reservation made in advance will secure your spot in Boarding, Grooming and Swimming Pool Services. You will receive a confirmation email when reserving your pet's stay. Calling ahead is beneficial during busy weekends, holidays and summer. You can call us at (336) 643-9096 or use our online contact form to request a reservation. A representative will call and provide you with a confirmation number if we have availability. If you do not receive a confirmation email, the reservation was not completed. Please give us a call in that case.


You can bring your pet to check in for boarding anytime during normal business hours.

If you plan to add services like daycare or swimming, and want your pet’s to participate on the first day then you must arrive by 10:00am.

If you plan to add simple services like pupsicles, playtimes, cuddle-times, or nature walks then we ask that you arrive before 4:00pm.

Do you offer Doggie Daycare?

Yes. Best Friends Bed & Biscuit has a wonderful Daycare program. All dogs are evaluated first before they can commingle with others.

Each of our Daycare staff is trained in dog behavior and is aware of what to pay close attention to when dogs are in a social setting. Your pet will have a blast playing in our playgrounds.

They can enjoy some additional outside time and meet some new lifetime friends. In addition, you can visit Best Friends Bed & Biscuit Facebook page and see your pet playing while your away.


Pets participating in a Full Day of doggie daycare must arrive before 10:00am.

Pets participating in a Half Day of doggie daycare must arrive before 12:30pm.

Should I feed my dog before coming to doggie daycare?

Yes. If your dog typically eats at a time that is before our daycare starts then we recommend that you feed them at least 90 minutes before arrival. The reason for the time recommendation is due to their digestion and energy level. Bloat is a very serious condition that dogs can get and the majority of dogs that get Bloat have either eaten or have been drinking a significant amount less than 90 minutes prior to play time.


No, this is no longer a requirement. We do require that an intact Female dog not be in estrus (in heat) or nearing the heat cycle, for her safety.

We also may recommend, and sometimes require, male dogs that are intact to be neutered before continuing in our daycare pack based on certain behaviors.


Yes, we have a salt water Swimming Pool specially designed for dogs. In order to participate in our Swimming services, your dog must have a Swim Evaluation to ensure they can swim safely in our pool. If your dog passes the Swim Evaluation and has already passed a Doggie Daycare Evaluation then they are allowed to participate in our Group Swim service. If your pet can swim safely, but does not do so well with other dogs, or you prefer he/she get individual attention, then we offer a Private Swim option. We have life jackets available and a highly trained Swim Coaches to always keep your dog(s) safe at the pool.


Dogs that to not pass the Swim Evaluation will require Swim Lessons before they can join a Group Swim or participate in a Private Swim.

The number of lessons needed is suggested on their initial Swim Report Card but can vary widely based on your dog.

We will track your dog’s progress in the pool and let you know when he/she is cleared for full participation.

Very rarely do we come across a dog that simply can’t progress through swim lessons and graduate to full participation. If this is the case then we will let you know as soon as we make that determination.


Pets participating in our Swimming activities must arrive before 10:00am.

Please call ahead to make a reservation, send us an email or let us know when you pick your dog up so that we can properly schedule your swimming services.

Does my pet need to have certain vaccinations prior to boarding?

Best Friends Bed & Biscuit does require all pets in our care to be fully vaccinated in accordance to North Carolina state regulations prior to check in.

Best Friends Bed & Biscuit requires proof of RABIES, DHLP-P and BORDTELLA vaccines.

Vaccination schedules vary depending on your veterinarian’s policies and procedures. Please consult with them to ensure that your pet is current on each vaccine before their visit with us. We ask that you either contact your veterinarian directly and have them fax us a copy of vaccines at (336) 643-8597 or bring a copy and present proof upon check-in.

What if my pet is on medication?

We are more than happy to dispense oral and topical medications in your absence. We require that you provide your medications in their original pill bottle or packaging and we will administer them as directed. At this time, we are not able to give any injections or intravenous medications. Administration of 3 or more medications and/or supplements may result in a fee of $5.00 per day.

What if my pet becomes ill or requires medical attention during their stay?

In the event your pet requires medical attention, we will refer to your contact list for the current visit and make every effort to reach you or your designated emergency contact. We will transport your pet to their regular veterinarian to ensure continuity of care (within 30 minutes drive), however if they are unavailable or too far, we will transport your pet to the closest veterinary emergency clinic.

Will My Pet Require A Flea and Tick Treatment?

Yes. We want to maintain a pest-free environment. All dogs are required to have flea and tick prevention. If your pet is not on any prevention, we offer a single treatment of Frontline. Cost will be determined by the size of your pet. If your pet uses a Seresto type, or other, flea collar, we must remove this during their visit and a topical replacement may be needed depending on the length of their stay.

Will My Pets Be Placed with Other Pets?

No. Pets from different families are never boarded together. Each pet enjoys his or her own personal space. Only pets approved for our doggie daycare and group swim activities commingle with others.

Can My Pets Stay Together?

Yes. Family members may stay together, however in the event of a “disagreement”, we will separate pets for their safety.

Can we bring our pet’s food from home?

Yes. Best Friends Bed & Biscuit understands the importance of continuity when it comes to your pet’s diet. Please provide your pet’s food in a sealed container or in individual Ziploc baggies labeled with your pet’s first and last name. If you do not want to bring your pet’s food, Best Friends will be more than happy to feed your pet our food. We feed Kirkland chicken/rice dry or can food.

Can we bring our Pet’s own bedding from home?

Sorry, but due to sanitary and pest control purposes, all bedding is provided for our guests by Best Friends Bed & Biscuit. Each guest will also enjoy their very own Kuranda bed along with plenty of comfy fleece blankets which are changed and laundered daily.

Can we bring toys from home?

Due to liability concerns, Best Friends Bed & Biscuit does not allow outside toys. We do however supply all guests with in house toys to play with during playtimes. We promise your pet will have lots of fun and excitement.

Do you offer grooming or bathing?

Yes. Best Friends Bed & Biscuit offers full spa services. You can choose to treat your furry friend to a bath, brush, nail trim (or nail Dremel) and ear cleaning before they return home. Perhaps they need a full haircut service with our professional dog groomer! Just ask our receptionist to schedule an appointment.

May I call to check on my pet?

Absolutely! We want to give you peace of mind that your pet is safe, comfortable, and happy while you are away. Feel free to call our front desk to check on your loved one during our business hours as often as you would like. Upon check in, we will ask for a contact phone number and/or email in case one of our owners or managers have any questions or concerns. You can also contact us via email at office@bedandbiscuit.com or through Messenger on our Facebook page.

Do you board Cats?

Yes, Best Friends Bed and Biscuit has a beautiful Catnip Cottage. We have 12 condos available for your feline friends and each condo can be connected to an adjacent unit for pairs and families.

Can we tour Best Friends Bed & Biscuit?

Of course! All of us here at Best Friends Bed & Biscuit want you to feel comfortable leaving your pet with us. We would love for you to come visit and meet our staff. We all take great pride in our kennel. It is exceptionally clean, safe, and fun. You never need an appointment to tour our facility, we just ask that you tour during our normal business hours.

Will my dog like this environment?

Dogs who enjoy company and interaction with other dogs will love being in doggie daycare. If your dog
does not like other dogs, then no, your dog may not like this environment. Every dog is different and is treated as such.  At the end of his/her first stay, we provide a report card and are available to discuss how your dog interacted with the other dogs and if they seemed to enjoy the environment. We strive for excellence and do our best to ensure your dog is happy.  We promise to be honest with you if we feel this isn’t the best possible environment for your dog.


Do dogs ever get hurt?

Some dogs play rough. Our doggy daycare attendants are trained to understand dog behavior and notice the signs/signals of a raised level of excitement, minimizing the chances for dogs to get hurt. Small scratches, nicks, and loss of patches of fur are part of normal dog play. It is possible for more serious injuries to occur.


My dog is elderly. Will he/she enjoy this environment?

It depends on the temperament of your dog. There are many older dogs that are active and can fit in anywhere. Typically, elderly dogs enjoy their nap time and our trained daycare and kennel staff will accommodate them accordingly.  Some elder pups do well in doggie daycare, where others just don’t have the energy for it. We also offer extra playtime, cuddle time, nature walks and swimming sessions to match your dog’s personal taste. Any pet parent with dogs that have severe mobile impingement (cannot get up on their own or walk without help) should discuss the best plan for care for their pet during their absence before booking a reservation.


My dog has health issues. Can he/she still come?

This depends on the type of health issues. There are certain conditions that do not belong in our facility or we are not equipped to provide sufficient care. Due to state regulations, we cannot accept diabetic dogs that require injections. We also cannot accept dogs that have communicable diseases or parasites. Dogs that are affected by ear infections, cancer, or glaucoma are usually easily accommodated.  Dogs that are unable to get up, stand, or walk on their own generally do better with home care. We would appreciate all medical information be disclosed prior to making a reservation or during check-in.


I have a small dog and see a lot of larger dogs in the daycare. Is my dog safe?

It’s not how big the dog is, but rather how big the dog thinks he/she is. Dogs are separated by temperament and activity level. Harder playing dogs are happiest being around hard playing dogs, while dogs who are more low-energy enjoy company that won’t bump into them with rowdy play.  Daycare is a BULLY-FREE ZONE!


Do the dogs ever get any “down-time”?

Dogs that are boarding and are signed up for our doggie daycare get a break from 10:30am-12:30pm. Dogs that are dropped off solely for doggie daycare usually do not get a break unless our daycare attendants feel that it would be beneficial. If a dog wants to nap, they are free to do so anytime and anywhere thanks to our large yards!


My dog is exhausted when he/she comes home. Why?

This is one of the biggest benefits of signing your dog up for doggie daycare! A tired dog is a happy dog. While in daycare your dog gets to play and socialize with many other dogs and when you take your dog home he/she might just curl up and take a snooze. Our doggie daycare attendants are trained to notice if your dog is getting too tired to be in an active group and we utilize our indoor and outdoor holding runs to give tired dogs a break if necessary. We would never force a dog to get up and move around if that dog was asleep (let sleeping dogs lie!). Many dogs that are boarding tend to take longer resting periods.


Should I bring anything for my dog?

When your dog is boarding, we strongly suggest that you bring more than enough food for their stay. Changing foods quickly can lead to intestinal discomfort and/or allergic reactions. We provide Kongs, nighttime treats and plenty of blankets, bedding and a comfortable cot to sleep on as needed. We do not accept any toys, chew bones, rawhides, bully sticks, dentastix, outside beds/blankets, or articles of clothing.


Why is my dog thirsty when he/she comes home?

From the time your dog enters our kennel/daycare your dog will have the opportunity to drink water. Hydrating dogs is one of our top priorities and water is ALWAYS available. Daycare dogs that play hard or for long periods of time drink more water and may want to drink even more when they get home.


When I was watching the daycare dogs, the energy level was very high and it was like a zoo. Is it always like that?

No. When visitors arrive, whether they are new dogs or new dog owners, the doggy daycare group tends to get very excited and you may hear and see that. Some of them are also “showing off “. During doggie daycare there is some barking and playing. Once your dog is introduced to the appropriate group and when the human visitors leave their observation time or are quiet, they tend to settle down. Once accustomed to being part of the group our staff can determine exactly what your dog will enjoy and ensure that he/she has a great time.


What is your cancellation policy?

The owners of dogs that are solely assigned for doggie daycare or grooming will not be charged for any cancellation. Owners of dogs that have reserved space for boarding and do not cancel within 48 hours notice may be charged a $20 cancellation fee.


Does someone stay overnight with the dogs?

No. Our kennel is designed to ensure that all of our canine visitors are safe and secure from any and all outside distractions or harm. Dogs that need special care, such as a late night feeding, or a walk, are accommodated. Getting a good night’s rest is very important and we also play calm and soothing music in the kennel.

If your dog requires overnight medical care, we recommend in-home pet care or medical boarding.


What type of collar is best when coming there?

Typically, when your dogs are boarding we give you back your leash and collar unless you have a special request for our use. We always accommodate clients that have special requests.

The dogs that are dropped off  for doggie daycare are received with their leash and collar if they are being picked up by another family member. Our “house” leads are also available if needed for transport.


My dogs pads are very sensitive and irritated after going to daycare. WOW, did something happen to my dogs feet?

Absolutely not. It is very common for newcomers pads to experience rawness and/or irritation from playing in the gravel yard. When dogs are in daycare they are tested on a gravel surface. If a dog’s paws ever get sensitive to the gravel then they will be sent to one of our grassy or turf yards in hopes that they can still enjoy being active in daycare. If there is ever a case where a pad and/or nail is bleeding the dog will be removed from the group until he/she is assessed and the bleeding ceases.